Finishes and Woods

About Emmor Works’ Wood and Stain Selection

Of all the ways you can customize your authentic solid wood furniture from Emmor Works and make it your own, the most important is with the finish color and wood you select.

Personalize your piece with one of our eight stunning stain colors, paired with one of our two wood selections: our standard sustainable Douglas Fir or premium sustainable Ash wood.

Our stain colors are the perfect palette for a traditional, rustic and modern sense of style. 

In choosing between the quality woods of Douglas Fir and Ash, keep these distinct qualities and characteristics of the woods in mind:

Douglas Fir. A favorite wood of craftsmen, this furniture-grade softwood is known for stability and durability. Its prominent grain pattern is generally straight with a slightly wavy flair. Douglas Fir, with natural grain and knot variations, is loaded with character and suitable for rustic modern and classic décor. Douglas Fir is a budget-friendly option for solid wood. Finishes applied to Douglas Fir generally have a warm tone.

Ash. Ash is a solid, durable hardwood with a coarse, organic texture and grain pattern similar to oak but at a lesser cost. Ash is from North America, mostly out of the Appalachian Mountains. The grain pattern of Ash is generally straighter and with less variation than that of Douglas Fir, for a “cleaner” and more modern look. Finishes applied to Ash generally have a cooler undertone. A fun fact: Ash is used to make baseball bats because of its hardness and shock resistance.

If you would like to see the stains in-person to help you with your purchasing decisions, we can mail them to you for a small shipping and handling fee.

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