Emmor Works products are real wood.  Wood shrinks across its length/width as it looses moisture. Table sizes are approximate, tables sizes on the time of delivery and the following months sizes can vary 1/2 to1 inch over time.

Your order will be shipped using an LTL Freight Carrier. Orders will be packed unassembled in a wooden crate, depending on size, and shipped to your home/office with curbside delivery. Please be aware that our furniture is built from solid wood and is heavy. You will need to make arrangements to have your crate unloaded from the freight carriers truck and brought into your home/ office. The shipment will be a little different than cardboard boxes you’ve received before.

For crates, you’ll need a hammer with a claw (normal, household hammer will do) to pry open the top. The table base/legs will be detached and will need assembly. We include the hardware that you need and the basic instructions for assembly. Despite all this, it should be easier than most IKEA projects.

Orders take around 30-40 days to complete from the time we receive the payment. We will notify you via email once your order has been picked up from our shop. We will provide you with photos of your crate as well as the bill of lading information so you are able to track your order. Freight shipping can take up to 7 business days depending on your location. You will be contacted by the freight company to schedule delivery date and appointment.

To save all of our customers money, all shipping prices are for curbside delivery only. Please be aware that our furniture is built from solid wood and is heavy. If you require white glove service for shipping (bringing the package inside, unpacking it, setting it up, etc.), please give us a call and we will provide you with a white glove shipping quote.

Both distressed and non-distressed tables will have knots, grain variation, milling imperfections, and traces of human influences, as we build everything by hand in our shop. The only difference is that when you choose distressed, we add sanding and marks to give the table a more rustic look.

If you have kids, we also recommend distressed, as if they make a mark, it is more likely to blend right in and not stand out.

Yes.  We do process orders using purchase orders. If you are a designer and reselling our tables, we do need a resale certificate from you to avoid charging sales tax.

Table tops are sealed so that you won’t have to worry about ring stains, water marks, etc. If a dish comes directly from the oven or is too hot to handle, you will want to put down a trivet.

Table tops are sealed with a semi-gloss lacquer sealant.

Clean the table top with mild soap and water. A furniture polish can also be used. Avoid using abrasive cleaners. We like to create furniture that people can not only enjoy, but also USE every single day.

Rectangular Tables:
48″L – seats 4 comfortably
60″L – seats 4-6, depending on your chair size
72″L – seats 6-8, depending on your chair size
84″L – seats 8 comfortably, depending on your chair size
96″L – seats 8 comfortably, possibly 10, depending on your chair size
108″L – seats up to 10 comfortably, depending on your chair size
120″L – seats 10 comfortably, possibly 12, depending on your chair size
144″L – seats 12 comfortably, depending on your chair size

 Round Tables:
35” Round – approx. 3 people
44” Round – approx. 4 people
53” Round – approx. 4-5 people
62” Round – approx. 5-6 people

You might be able to squeeze two chairs at the head and foot of a 45” wide table, but this would only be on special occasions.

Conference room chairs tend to be larger than dining room chairs, so you may get less seats at each size.

Your room size plus the number of people you want to seat will dictate your table size.  For the table placement in the room you usually want between 42-48″ between your table and the walls.  If there is furniture in the dining space, begin your 42-48″ measurement from the edge of the furniture instead of the wall. You want to allow for about 24” of eating space per person so you aren’t bumping elbows. Many customers mention taping out the table size on the floor to get a feel for it in the space.

Please keep in mind that these are just general suggestions.

Orders take around 6 to 8 weeks to complete from the time we receive the payment. We don’t want to rush your table but we also don’t want to keep you waiting!! Turnaround time may vary depending on the time of year. Turnaround time may also be affected by Group Delivery schedule. Please contact us if you want your order sooner.

Every table is built to order so you get the exact table you are looking for. Start building your table on any one of our pages and submit it to receive an Estimate.

We’d love to chat, feel free to give us a call or send over an email. Here’s our Contact page.

Yes! We take all major credit cards.  Start building your table on any one of our pages and submit it to receive an estimate.

Yes. We’ve found commercial orders to be pretty fun. It is always great working with other small business owners in order to create the perfect atmosphere. We’d love to hear what you have in mind.

Yes! We have a showroom & workshop in Vincentown, NJ where all our building and finishing is done. We’d love for you to stop by! You can stop by to see us By Appointment, Monday through Thursday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The address is 2 Kerry Court, Unit B, Vincentown, NJ 08088. We are also open occasional Saturday or Sunday from 11AM-3PM. See our Contact page for Weekend openings.

Our tables are made from SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) Certified Furniture Grade Douglas Fir which is sourced from the US Northwest. Tables are sealed so that you won’t have to worry about ring stains, water marks, etc. We like to create furniture that people can not only enjoy, but also USE every single day.

Each piece of lumber has a unique grain pattern, arrangement of knots and knot holes, and reacts differently while being stained, plus, given it has real people working on it, there are always traces of human influences. This is what makes buying hand-built items a pleasure.

Solid wood furniture has natural characteristics like all variety of knots/knot holes/hairline cracks/milling imperfections/etc. You will see natural character on the table top, legs, and apron. We cannot control for natural variations of the wood as we are using solid wood lumber and not mdf/plywood or any other engineered/manufactured lumber. Natural character is not considered a defect, but something to be celebrated.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer solid wood chairs. We are testing the waters and offering four styles to start.  We will paint the chairs using our standard table leg base colors. Simply White, Ivory, Black, Spiced Vinegar, or Elash Blue. You may also have the choice of staining the chairs. They won’t match your table’s stain perfectly since they are made from a different type of wood, but they will compliment them nicely.

We are happy to build a matching bench for your farmhouse, trestle or industrial dining table.

Formica and other Laminates are great materials given their strength and uniformity. However, what they lack is personality and the feeling of warmth that comes from solid wood. Real wood gains character and charm over years rather than “flaking” into an unusable top. We do recommend that if your kiddos are doing crafts that it would be wise to first put down a placemat!!

A breadboard end is a narrow piece that is joined to the end of the table top.The purpose is to support and maintain the rigidity of the table top, while allowing the table top to shrink or expand across the grain.


Baals Table for Breadboard Example Diagram-01

Breadboards are not always flush with the sides of the table. Since wood moves across the grain seasonally (in warm weather the panel expands, in cold weather it shrinks) and not along the grain, a breadboard end will either fall short of the panel edge or will extend past it, depending on the season. Adapted from Fine Wood Working, “All About Breadboard Ends”.








We stand by our work and our goal is to create tables that will last. Please do understand that wood is a natural element and is subject to seasonal changes (unlike laminate) and therefore it can shrink, expand, warp, crack, etc. This is just the nature of wood, and a minimal amount is to be expected. But if its excessive, we will fix it. We do not cover general wear and tear.

No fancy cleaners are required for your table, just mild soap and water (just like any other table). Table tops are sealed so you shouldn’t need to worry about ring stains or water marks either.

See our Delivery Options page for details and read about our Delivery Process.

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to pick up your order from the shop. There is no charge to pick-up, but there is NJ Sales Tax (6.625%) on the order.  Pickups take place Monday to Friday, 9AM to 3PM, with the exception of 12-1PM when the shop breaks for lunch. You can read more about pick-ups on our Delivery Options page.

The deposit is our queue to get started. Please have all of your details squared away before paying the deposit. If you contact us before your table is in production, there’s a good chance we can work with you.

As we mentioned previously, the deposit is our queue to get started. Please try to have all of your details squared away before paying the deposit. Once the table is in production, we cannot refund the deposit.

Standard wire access holes are $20 each for up to 3 holes. Our standard size is 1 ¾” Round, but we can also do: 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 6”.

Our standard placement is evenly dispersed down the middle-center of the table unless otherwise specified by customer. Customer must supply a placement diagram for any non-standard wire hole placement.

We can also do custom cutouts for square units. The unit must be sent to us at least 2 weeks prior to delivery along with a placement diagram so we can confirm size and placement of the cutouts on the table. Custom cutouts are $120 per.

Wire Access Hole Example
Standard Wire Access Hole Example
Custom Wire Cutouts. Customer must provide us with the wire management unit.


Standard wire access holes are 1-3/4″ in diameter. If you plan on using grommets or wire access management, ask us about sizing the holes to fit your components.

Yes, PLEASE! It is always great cracking open a can of paint with a new color we’ve never used before. If you send over the official paint name/number, we can be certain we’re using exactly the color you’re looking for ($85.00 if not already in stock).

We don’t build any extension tables here at the shop. We found that most people ended going up with the longer table since it was actually the cheaper option. We are happy to build you a table to whichever length you need. If you need a half size or something like that, it is priced at the size above.

We do our best to price our tables as low as possible. Much of the cost of a table comes from the time spent taking a piece of wood from its original state to the finished product you receive. To offset the delivery cost, you are always welcome to pick up your order from the shop (for free!).

We are happy to work with you to build a table that fits your space, whether it’s a very small table or a gargantuan table! Generally, if we are going below the standard 36” width, we like to do 27” wide. However, if you send us some measurements we can certainly work with you.

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