Valentine’s Day with Emmor Works!

Set The Mood With Your Table This Valentine’s Day! ?

Nine Hacks To Make Sure Your #VDay Is Unforgettable.

Farmhouse Fun for Valentine's Day
Farmhouse Fun for Valentine’s Day

1. Get a Great Table!

Make your reservations early, as restaurants will be overflowing with lovers looking for a romantic night out. If you can’t get a table at your favorite restaurant, have no fear—you can always get a table from Emmor Works! We recommend our famous farmhouse table.

2. Break It Up.

Make a great table setting using fresh (eco-friendly) flowers, fabulous accessories, etc. Check out our Pinterest board for some serious Valentine’s inspiration.

3. Write It Down. ?

There’s nothing that says “I love you” like a gift from the heart! Write a short and sweet note for the special people in your life. If you’re not feeling like Shakespeare, send them a short text instead.

4. When In Doubt, #Wine! ?

It’s hard choosing a good wine, right? Red or White? Why not have both! With the Emmor Works Wine Shelf, you can store up to 6 bottles of your fave vino. Satisfy your champagne taste on a beer budget.

5. If It’s Free, It’s For Me (And You). 

There are plenty of free museums and galleries, as well as free romantic events (salsa dancing anyone?) that you can find online for your date’s special day. Your local library is a great place to start when looking for a free ticket or even a ride there.

6. Think Outside The Bouquet. ?

Check out this list from Huffington Post for twenty creative Valentine’s Day gifts for them that aren’t #flowers.

7.  Take It Back To The Beginning. 

Woo them with nostalgia! Show them that you remember your first date, your first kiss, and the moment you fell in love.

8. Diamonds Aren’t Forever. ?

Being in love can cost a pretty penny! Save money on bling this year and get them something that will really last forever. Like one of our Industrial tables.

9. Happy Life, Happy Wife (or Husband). 

Most importantly, don’t stress this year! Stay away from your smartphone, get together with your family and friends, and enjoy this Valentine’s Day.