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About Emmor Works and Our Tables

Emmor Works is a custom wood manufacturing shop located in Vincentown, NJ. We serve both business and residential customers.

Each piece that leaves the shop comes out a bit different. This is what makes woodworking a pleasure. Each piece of lumber has a unique grain pattern, arrangement of knots, and reacts differently to a variety of stains. Plus, given its real people working on it, there are always traces of human influences. Thanks for choosing local craftsmen over mass-produced overseas factories! Joseph Radic got into the furniture business due to another move, this one from Wall Street to a woodworking shop located in southern New Jersey. Radic, with no prior experience in the industry, or affinity for woodworking, acquired Emmor Works, which specializes in producing tables by hand using local artisans. “I knew, as part of my research, that the majority of furniture in the United States is imported. But there are still niches in the U.S. for wood furniture and people like buying products that are made in the USA. And I thought the tables the company was making were beautiful.”

Named for the grandfather of the man who started the business in his barn four years ago, the company specializes in simple, farmhouse-style wood looks that it sells direct to consumers. In the two years since acquiring the company, Radic admits he’s been on the fast track in terms of learning — from how to run and manage the business, to wood species and logistics. But he quickly found his niche, producing conference tables for A-list brands ranging from Ellen DeGeneres to Google, Vonage and stores like Orvis, among dozens of others.

Joseph Radic has found his niche in U.S.-made artisanal, custom conference tables with his company, Emmor Works.

“If you think about it, here in New Jersey we’re within four hours of 50 to 60 million people, and we deliver from Boston down to the D.C. area., and custom is where it is at now,” he says. “Where else in New York, Philadelphia, Boston or D.C. can you get a table made in 30 to 40 business days to your specifications?”

When Radic took over Emmor Works, the majority of the tables were designed for residential use, with farmhouse styles starting at $525 retail, and butcher-block in the neighborhood of $2,800. “People like buying locally and they like having things that are unique,” he says. And, while the only marketing is word-of-mouth and the company’s website,, the interior design community has begun to take note. “We had no social media presence when I purchased the business; we’re beginning to build that out now.”

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